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Ek Bangalir Rannaghaur Theke(From a Bengali’s Kitchen)

Just a few words

The sole aim for this blog is to nourish my passion for cooking. Not a regular cook even a few months back , I have now become a very confident one . I enjoy to have friends and family at my flat and pamper them with anything I cook.

All I have learnt about cooking is from my mom. So thanks to her. I will be writing mainly about Bengali food , but may add some of other types of dishes here and there. My posts will contain day to day foods that I cook at home, so you’ll find all those simple dishes from cauliflower to spicy fish in mustard sauce. Bengali cuisine had always been my favorite, starting from alu dum to any kind of fish curry , and from kasa mansher jhol to chatpata chutney. The exquisite romance of spices and vegetables make dishes all the more delicious.

I always wished to share my recipes, and so I found blogging to be the best way to do so. I hope you all will be enjoying these dishes. I would love to get your comments, suggestions and acknowledgments to

Disclaimer: All the recipes and photos are the sole property of Sudeshna Banerjee ( unless otherwise indicated. If you want to publish any recipes that are mentioned her in this blog, then please give a trackback on you post. I would highly admire that. The pictures are all embedded with copyright notice so if you want to add the same photo then please mail me to the mail-id mentioned above for a fresh copy of teh same. Please mention my name or site link if you want to publish any pictures from my archive.

Happy reading and happy cooking.


16 Responses to “Just a few words”

  1. KoRaK said

    ore meye, tor ranna-gharta ghub bhalo laglo… kichhu item ami try korbo bhabchhi… kamon holo janabo…. cya.. tc…

  2. go ahead chele, try kore bolis , r setao comment hisebe post kore dis. neways thankx for the complement

  3. Congratulations on your 1000 hits!
    It snot even two months and you did it. Now that calls for a flurry of posts!

  4. thank u so much, and sure there will b a flurry of posts to follow.

  5. Yummy4Tummy said

    Thanks a lot…I always loved bengali dishes….I would definately try some of them.

  6. Piya said

    very nice collection of bengali recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Piya said

    thanks for adding my blog sudeshna…really appreciate that..:-)

  8. Piya said

    yess…am trying to upload photos as well…thanks for ur suggestion 🙂

  9. Swati said

    tomar recipes khub bhalo laglo 🙂 were you Sudeshna Sardar before marriage, by any chance? if so, you are an old friend, this is swati sengupta from school 🙂

  10. sheulicooks said

    Tomar blog khub bhalo laglo. Aami bideshi bangali tai beshi jani toh bengali sweets banate jani…aamar blog visit karte paro for bengali sweets…

  11. Navita said

    Hi Arun,
    Tomake Arun bolte paari…aamar nijer ekta bondhu aache…Arundathi Datta. Oke aamra Arun daaki.
    Aami bangali noy…kintu Kolkataye aami aamar jiboner kudi (20) bochor kaatiechi. Born and brought up in Kolkata. My parents still live there. Tomar bloger naam shune bhalo laglo…just stumbled upon it. Aami nije ekta blog start korechi…you can guess..”food”. Shara bishwo jaane ki Bangali maanei besh khava-dava ebong utkrishtho ranna jaane. 🙂 Thought I should comment.
    So here I am a fellow food lover and blogger….I need some help putting up my blog…like how to put it up on google search etc. Tumi jodi ektu help korte paarte..aamar email id ta diyechi…thanks so much in anticipation. Keep cookin’ ‘-)

  12. ambika said

    hi sudeshna, u have got a very nice blog.i love bengali sweet. will surely try out the dishes.

  13. sindhura said

    Hello Sudeshna!!
    This is Sindhura,thanks for your comments on my blog.This is regarding your query.I have searched for you mail id but unfortunately i was unable to find the same, so i am dropping here.
    You can send entries containing egg as ingredient.
    Hope to see you soon with enthusiastic participation.
    Best regards

  14. Hemali Kachalia said

    Hi Sudeshna,

    I am Hemali and tried out the Palak in Paneer bowl recipe. The Pic of it was so pretty that as I saw it I wanted to make it for the Valentines. It came out so good and was so delicious that my hubby was not ready to quit from eating it all. Thank you for posting that recipe on the blog really good!!


  15. Jeet said

    You really have great & YUMMY recipes. I would like to take some and put it in my site if you allow me.

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