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Vanilla Rabdi

Posted by Sudeshna on October 16, 2008

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Birthdays are special to everybody. Where ever you are and whatever state you are in everybody wants to celebrate ones birthday in the possible way. I am absolutely no exception to this. Yesterday was my birthday and of course I enjoyed it. Enjoyment and cooking – I can not keep these two words separately, so had to cook something. The festival season and also for my blog event in mind it was an unanimous decision to prepare something sweet.

Serves 4


Milk (Dudh): 1 litre

Caster Sugar (Guro Chini): 50 gms

Eggs (Dim): 4, yolks taken out

Milk powder (Guro Dudh): 4 tablespoons

Vanilla essence: ½ teaspoon

Dry fruits of choice preferably almonds, cashew and raisins


  • Boil the milk in low flame till it becomes almost half the original volume.
  • Take the egg whites in a bowl and milk powder to it. Beat the egg vigorously so that the milk powder doesn’t form any lumps.
  • Once the egg is properly beaten add vanilla essence to it.
  • With a tablespoon add the beaten egg to the milk and as it forms a lump take it out. Do it repeatedly till the egg is exhausted.
  • If extra milk is left out then simmer and lessen the volume.
  • Add dry fruits to the rabid and pour in the left out milk over it.

Alternately, if you don’t want to work so much then just pour in the beaten egg in the milk and boil till the milk forms a lump.

Chill and serve garnished with dry fruits.

Chilled Vanilla Rabdi with dry fruits

Chilled Vanilla Rabdi with dry fruits

Among all these festivities I share this recipe with Pallavi for her new blog event Yummy Festival Feast- Diwali

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating

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13 Responses to “Vanilla Rabdi”

  1. arundhuti said

    hi sudeshna..i have an award waiting for u in my blog. pls collect it..

  2. sumarajesh said

    wooo lovly delicious rabdi..never prepared rabdi at home. uts looks yumm..saw ur event..will send my entry. 🙂

  3. Priya said

    Mouthwatering sweet Sudeshna…tempting me a lot…

  4. vij said

    wow looks yummy!! gonna try this for diwali! 🙂

  5. Lakshmi said

    Hi Sudeshna, I have published two sweets recently, will send them for your event. Rabdi looks yummy dear 🙂

  6. perfect for the festive season..

  7. hetal said

    nice rabdi…looks nice!!

  8. Ann said

    You got a yummy blog..keep the good work on.I love Bengali Food

  9. Sharmila said

    Darun looking rabdi! 🙂

  10. sagari said

    rabdi looks delecioussss

  11. Swati said

    Hi Sudeshna.. Sorry I took this long to visit your blog..
    The rabdi is yummy and wish you a very happy diwali..

  12. Priya said

    Hi dear, i have something on my blog pls check it out..Happy diwali..

  13. Kashmica Sarkar said

    It’s an easy and yummy dessert…….
    Keep on publishing such yummy dessert….

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