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Non-veggie Recipe Event

Posted by Sudeshna on August 26, 2008

Today when I logged on to my blog, one thing caught my eyes. The blog stats. It has just crossed the 4000 bar. In just 4 months and 23 days my blog has crossed 4000 hits. It felt real good that people like my posts. Thanks to all my blog visitors. o I thought of celebrating this event with all of you. There were many ideas in mind, but I stuck to this one. Myself being a non-vegetarian I thought of hosting an event to celebrate these 4000 hits of my blog.

My blog reaching 4000, you can say that’s just a mere alibi to host this event. All I wanted was to share more and more with those people whom I have never but they share the same love for cooking like me. So lets joins hand in hand, not really , rather lets join mail through mail and celebrate our love for our kitchen and everything in there.

The rules to participate are simple, alike all other events hosted by the other blogs. All you need to do is send me the recipe of any non-vegetarian dish; it can be fish, egg, chicken, mutton, pork, ham, or any kind of animal meat of your choice. Along with the dish also send photo(s) of the preparation. When you post it on your pblog please get the link to this event along with the event photo.

Thanks to Google search, I got this image from and then did a little bit of photo shop editing.

Send in to with the subject “Non-veggie Recipe“, add along the following details:

Your name:

Your blog’s name:

Your blog’s URL:

The post name:

The post URL:

The photo of the preparation:

There is no limit on number of entries per blogger. If you dont have a blog and you wish to participate please email me your Name, Recipe and Picture and I will include your entry in the roundup.

If you want to add some old recipes posted on your blog, then please repost it with a tag to this event , also with the event photo ,and send me the link to the post.

Those of you who doesn’t have a blog can just send in their own recipe to the afore mentioned mail id.

Send in to the give mail id by the 15th of September 2008. You can send me any post that you had previously posted in you blog, with a link to the republished one.

Looking forward to all the wonderful entries , happy cooking and happy eating.

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12 Responses to “Non-veggie Recipe Event”

  1. sangeeth said

    congrats girl….on reachin 4000…it makes u feel proud na….hey btw can we send old posts? i have a lot to send dear….

  2. Priti said

    Nice event dear…I’ll send my entry.

  3. Priti said

    Hey also U can join our new Orkut community Indian Women Food Bloggers..

  4. priyanka said

    nic event will send something for sure,..ceeya,,,

  5. Ramya said

    Wow,this is a lovely event…Will surelt send my entries and sure the round up is going to be very useful to me 🙂

  6. Sharmila said

    Hi!First time on your blog .. you do have some very nice and authentic Bangali recipes.I saw your comment on never hearing of narkol bhaat :-)It is a different variety of our good old ‘mishti bhaat’ … only coconut milk is used instead of water … maybe am familiar to it coz I grew up on the coast. 🙂
    I love this event you are hosting. Can I contribute too?
    And congrats on crossing the 4000 mark ! 🙂

  7. Priti said

    You have awards in my blog..Since your dil mange more…so come and collect it 🙂

  8. Hi Congrats on the 4000 milestone. Can we send entries with rice like biryani, haleem like that aslo. Please let me know.

  9. Manasi said

    Congratulation on crossing the 4000 milestone! How will you celebrate?

  10. […] blog (recipe) is now contesting in a Non veg recipe event at Sudeshna’s […]

  11. Dershana said

    Hello there, nice event. Will send in something soon 🙂

  12. Vani said

    First time here. I actually posted my first non-veg recipe on my blog recently. Will send that to your event. Congrats on the 4000 hits. That is wonderful!

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